Buccacio Sculpture Services of New England for Bronze Sculpture Clay Models, Mold-Making, Casting, Consulting, Plaques, Restoration & Conservation

Buccacio Sculpture Services LLC is located in Canton, Massachusetts in Southern New England. As a bronze sculpture foundry we offer professional craftsmanship, and a full range of sculpture services from miniatures to monumental in size. Having extensive knowledge of contemporary and figurative sculpture, to historical restoration and conservation, Buccacio Sculpture Services is known for Public & Private Sculpture Design, Monuments, Memorials, Reliefs, Portraits, Architectural Sculpture and complete Monment Fountain Restoration Services. Premier 3d Printing and Frog3D CNC, 4 Axis Milling Services available for all your Custom Fabrication designs.

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Buccacio Sculpture Services offers complete Restoration and Conservation performance in the care of private and public art work of cultural property, in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, known as AIC.

To inquire more about our services, please contact sales: 818.422.0292