Bronze Bust

A “King” Bronze

Martin Luther King Bronze head sculpture cast at the Paul King Foundry in Providence, RI.

Art & Science - Sculpture Restorations & Conservation

Bronze Restoration and Conservation

Buccacio Sculpture Services and Foundry. A bronze sculpture Foundry providing quality craftmanship and restoration services to the greater New England area.

Public Art Sculpture in Zoos - Phil the Gorilla bronze

Why Public Sculpture is Important

Public sculpture improves any site by engaging us. It makes us pay attention to our environment. It can encourage us to question what’s around us. It gives us a rich connection to our history, the natural world and our community.

Medardo Rosso sculptor in his studio

Medardo Rosso – Famously Unknown

Rosso’s uniqueness and importance in the history of sculpture is established by his having approached his medium as a way of seeing, feeling, and creating images that reject what to that point had been the concept of sculpture as solid and static.