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Buccacio Sculpture Services and Foundry, Your Single Source for Uniting Sculpture and Metal Casting with Innovative Product Design.


Our Massachusetts Foundry has been servicing customers for over 15 years, recognizing their most important people, places and products. Whether your in need of distinctive artistry and durable signage, a stunning commemorative cast plaque or a unique sculpted image or monument casting, Buccacio Foundry has the commitment and expertise to get the job done. As your single source for statuary, cast plaques and specialty products, our one-stop convenience and cost efficiency make us the best value on the market.

Dalrymple Boathouse Dedication Plaque with Seal-Providence,RI-BuccacioSculpture Services and Foundry


The permanence and beauty of a Cast Plaque fabricated in bronze or aluminum, combined with design versatility, make cast plaques an excellent choice for signage, memorials or tributes and recognition projects such as donor trees. No other signage can match the distinction and permanence of a genuine cast plaque.

Buccacio Sculpture custom manufactures every plaque to your specifications and support the process from design to delivery. Fabricated with superior alloy sand-casting techniques our plaques, are thicker, harder and more durable than any mass produced and routed plaque. The result of this age-old process naturally highlights the attributes of the metal, with textures cast to the plaque –not painted on. Our foundry also offers larger cast plaques than other makers and we can produce a cast that is cast in one piece, in and shape or size to fit your needs. Be sure to visit our Cast Plaques Performance and Beauty  page on our website to view our gallery. There are many options to choose, from finishes to textures, colors and coatings, borders and mounting. Our detailed website guides you through every step in your design process conserving your most precious commodity: time.


An innovative, patented process, ImageCast combines the enduring distinction of a cast plaque with the detailed look of a photograph. Imagine turning any photo into a permanent, strikingly beautiful and personal tribute—imagine the power of ImageCast.

Working from customer-supplied images, our designers create layouts that are cast as well-defined dimensional images in bronze or aluminum plaques. Perfect for personal or team tributes, historical markers or any sign, ImageCast plaques can be produced in various shapes, sizes and border styles.

Image Cast Bronze Plaque- Buccacio Sculpture Services and Foundry


Etched plaques are a great option when you need to show fine detail and crisp text. The etching process permits exact reproduction of artwork for interior or exterior applications. Etchings provides a modern look that works in a variety of settings ranging from room identifiers to door panels. Etched plaques are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, muntz metal, zinc and stainless steel. The choices are endless, just see for yourself in our Etched Plaque Gallery.

Buccacio Etched Plaques offer a range of background Metal Colors to choose from. These colors are designed to withstand all weather conditions and complement any environment. Our Foundry recommends etchings when you want your design to show intricate detail, text and a contemporary look with exact reproduction to your artwork. Etchings are also available for all our granite and stone services, truly creating a memory with historic quotes and tributes.

The etching process can also reproduce halftone photographs. Halftone portraits resemble newspaper photographs. These halftone photographic reproductions can be used as stand-alone products or be incorporated with any etched or cast plaque. Extremely detailed, beautiful and crafted to last, etched plaques are the industry standard for quality, precision and durability. The choices are endless.



A new addition to our Cast Plaques and Specialty Products is DesignFusion. Apply any of our 10 current color fusion swatch choice designs to just about any raised or recessed surface with DesignFusion. This new and unique finishing option bonds patterns and colors directly to the product being transformed. Adding a design to any product is a simple and effortless process. Below you check out one of or most popular DesignFusion choices which is Water Drops. Click on this options link to view 9 more choices, such as Burlwood and Carbon Fiber Silver, that can really make your signs stand out in a crowd.

Design Fusion Specialty Products-Buccacio Sculpture Services and Foundry

Our Photos shown below represent Other Specialty Products our Services can provide. Statuary is the ultimate way to recognize and honor a heroic or legendary individual or historic event. From desktop to monumental, statues can be created in any size and are made to the most exacting standards.

Cast Stone
Buccacio Architectural Products offers a unique line of cast stone signage. Cast stone provides the same look and feel as natural stone with an elegant and sophisticated appearance. This product provides an economical alternative to natural stone and bronze plaques
Donor Recognition
Recognition trees from Buccacio Sculpture can be custom-designed or ordered in an array of standard configurations. All of our Donor Trees are offered in a wide variety of designs. All trees are for interior application only. Trunks optional colors include cast bronze or aluminum. Click Here to view other detailed options or simply CONTACT US for custom tree designs today.



If you are looking for a truly unique way of recognizing a person, event, or organization, Buccacio Sculpture Services can turn any creative idea into a visual masterpiece. We look forward to working with you on your own one-of-a-kind product.

NOTE: All Cast plaques and Specialty Products have approx. a 4 week production time frame. Please call ahead to place your order to ensure you receive your products in a time for your specialty event or tribute.