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Sculpture of an American Indian by Jeff Buccacio

Sculptor Jeff Buccacio, owner of Buccacio Sculpture Services, “bringing clay to life,” with sculpture, mold-making and bronze casting, at Buccacio Sculpture Studio in Canton, MA. Exclusive to the New England area!


 Jeff Buccacio has achieved an accomplished career in sculpture design. Jeff maintains a productive and energetic team of artists and efficient atmosphere as a result of his figurative sculpture teaching experience in Los Angeles, California. Many of Jeff’s extremely talented students have since furthered their career in sculpting as independent artists as well as working for top notch sculpture and effects studios across the country.


 The Human Anatomy for Artists

“The artist expression of the figure must be based on decision through knowledge.” E.G. – A quote taken from the book, Human Anatomy for Artists, the Elements of Form, by Eliot Goldfinger. Throughout Jeff Buccacio’s teaching career at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, Jeff would incorporate this highly recommended book as reference material to his students in his figurative sculpture program. Jeff explains the importance of quick sketch sculpture of mass concepts and how it is the key to improving your sculpture skills. Edouard Lanteri, a renowned teacher, sculptor, and close friend of Rodin (Rodin called him “”my dear master, my dear friend””), makes it possible for serious students to gain the requisite skills needed for figurative sculpture and to bridge the gap between artistic concept and figurative realization. Modelling and Sculpting Animals, together with its companion piece, Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure, is the classic thesis on the techniques of figurative sculpture. Representing at least three thousand years of studio traditions, this readily understandable, authoritative guide is a goldmine of technical information.

Please visit Buccacio Sculpture Services website to view more of Jeff Buccacio’s sculpture work. Buccacio’s body of work consists of sculptures and bronze castings both small and monumental (larger than life size,) additions and more. https://buccaciosculptureservices.com/

Atlas-Tiffany’s N.Y.-Buccacio Sculpture


Mass Conceptions of the Figure, Head and Hand should be referred to when sculpting both the human and animal figure. Edouard Lanteri has published many books focusing on the human and animal mass concepts. “These inspirational books below are a must have in your constant sculpture reference library,” explains Jeff Buccacio.

Human Anatomy for Artists by Eliot Goldfinger-Buccacio Sculpture Services
Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure- Edouard Lanteri-Buccacio Sculpture


 Jeff has spent most of his life in a studio atmosphere and has been grateful to have been surrounded by the most talented sculptors, artists and foundrymen. Primarily a Sculptor, Jeff was also exposed to the other key elements in the fabrication of a finished bronze piece of art.  Buccacio Sculpture Services offers complete sculpture services to clients, taking their idea from “design to installation,” and all aspects of the design are completely fabricated at the Buccacio Studio and Foundry location in Canton, MA.

Buccacio Sculpture is proud to be in collaboration with Paul Cavanagh, a Master Foundryman and Owner of  Paul King Foundry, located in Providence, RI.

Paul Cavanagh, Kent Marshal, Master Foundrymen and Jeff Buccacio owner of Buccacio Sculpture Services Foundry

Buccacio Sculpture is seeking out enthusiastic people who would like to expand their knowledge in the sculpture and casting world.

NOTE: If you are interested in a career in sculpture or bronze casting, please contact Jeff Buccacio: 818.422.0292 or eMAIL US

You can also visit Buccacio Sculpture on FACEBOOK

Additional book title and authors Buccacio also suggests to clients and students:

Sculpture Inside and Out – Malvina Hoffman

Anatomy for the Artist – Jeno Barcsay

Atlas of the Human Anatomy – Stephen Rogers Peck



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  • Hello Jeff, those are very nice detailed pieces of art and it is really mesmerizing even though they aren’t finished products. Do you provide your own sculpture supply for your services?

  • Hello Jeff how are you I have looking at your outstanding work for years if you could please find time to call me back I would appreciate your work is spectacular I hope I hear from you soon bless your heart zRichi

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