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NOTE: Buccacio Sculpture Services Massachusetts Foundry is highly skilled in the professional production of bronze architectural ornament multiples. Contact us if you need this service: 818.422.0292

Massachusetts foundry, Buccacio Sculpture Services, creates multiples of bronze architectural ornaments for historic New England homes.

One of our clients required 12 bronze corbals (a classical architectural bracket) so we began with a drawing:
Architectural rendering by Nina Buccacio
Then upon approval, the drawing was expertly translated into a clay model:
Buccacio architectural clay models for multiples
Buccacio architectural clay model corbal for bronze multiples
A mold was made from that clay model and after various steps, it was transformed from clay into bronze. The entire process took four months. The client was impressed enough to request more architectural multiples.


To craft a custom-built monument or sculpture from one’s mind to the finished bronze product involves a number of steps. All of our bronze is fabricated in-house at Buccacio Sculpture Services, which is exclusive to the Southern New England area. The techniques and process’s to create a bronze has not changed since the Renaissance, although some of the materials are now different. A well-made bronze sculpture will withstand the test of time no matter which outdoor environment it resides. LEARN MORE about this process.


The bracket or “corbal” is one of the most widely used individual architectural features.  As purely decorative elements, corbals comfortably bear a heavy burden of architectural ornamentation. The use of brackets on door-surrounds has been a constant classical standard since first introduced in Greek temples where they were used functionally to support the projecting cornice over entrance ways. The use of corbals is very appropriate in the restorations of 19th Century historic homes throughout the New England area.


Buccacio Sculpture Services takes great pride in its attention to detail and its ability to produce historically accurate reproductions and restorations. The old world skills required to professionally produce high caliber bronzes are skills not easily found these days but they are found in our American family-owned and operated bronze foundry here in Massachusetts.