Bronze Casting


All of our bronze is fabricated in-house at Buccacio Sculpture Services, which is exclusive to the Southern New England area. The techniques and process’s to create a bronze have not changed since the Renaissance, although some of the materials are now different. A well-made bronze sculpture will withstand the test of time no matter which outdoor environment it resides. Bronze is the most enduring, maintenance free and beautiful of materials. Bronze is very well suited for all environments – indoors and outdoors, as well as any climate. It can be finished in a variety of patinas.
Bronze Foundry - Buccacio Sculpture Services LLC


Bronze is an alloy of 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese with traces of other elements such as iron. Silicon bronze has been the bronze of choice for fine art castings since its development in the 1920s. It is corrosion-resistant, strong, resilient, formable and weldable. Also known as “hot-cast” bronze, a fine art “lost-wax” casting of silicon bronze is created through many labor-intensive steps.

FRP (Reinforced Polyester Resin) is an extremely viable alternative to bronze at times, as it is also suitable for outdoors and can be finished to look like many other natural materials including metal, stone, wood, and pre-cast cement. It can also receive a polychromed finish. It is extremely lightweight in comparison and can be cast and completed in shorter time-frames. FRP is also commonly used in architectural and ornamental elements, whether new or a replication.

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